Waltlec delivers complete electrical, refrigeration and energy efficiency services through both our employees and team of subcontractors and our office is conveniently located in the business district of Garbutt, Townsville complete with on-site parking, storage and forklift.

Company Office – 22 Hugh Ryan Drive Garbutt Qld 4814

Waltlec recognises that its main asset is its people and therefore invests heavily in the development and retention of employees. Waltlec is considered locally as an employer of choice. This is evident from Waltlec’s retention of quality people in the business and is proud of its very low turnover.

Waltlec retains quality employees by continually providing in-house and external training and development programs so that employees are continually improving in their respective fields.

Waltlec is also a firm believer in supporting our youth and in turn currently have a number of apprentices and will train many more in the coming years. We believe in developing and training our staff to see them grow both professionally and personally. Nearly all of the company apprentices have established life time careers and have attained positions with the organisation.

Waltlec’s culture is visibly apparent and built on loyalty and trust and the empowerment of self-directed teams and individuals.