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Renewable Solar Power in Townsville

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Solar — Electricians in Townsville, QLD
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Solar — Electricians in Townsville, QLD

Sick of astronomical power bills? We thought so. At Waltlec Industries, we are your trusted power specialists. Our experienced team provides comprehensive solar power system solutions for homes and businesses throughout Townsville and surrounding areas, including Magnetic Island, Palm Island, Ingham, Charters Towers, Ayr and everywhere in-between.

We give you ways to support a sustainable energy future and gain long-term savings for your business or home, such as blending solar and electricity solutions. Our team can recommend a range of energy solutions designed to help your business operate more efficiently:

And more! Whether you’re making the switch or looking to maintain your existing solar system, we are your affordable solution. Contact our qualified solar installers today on (07) 4725 5621 to book a free consultation.

What we offer you

Solar Power Benefits

Solar power is the power system of the future, and here’s why:

Utilises a renewable (and free!) energy source

It’s a clean energy source

Reduces your carbon footprint (especially important for businesses)

Reduces pressure on the power grid

Slashes those energy bills!

Can be installed on almost any roof

Custom-designed to suit your property

If you feed excess solar electricity to the grid, you can get paid for it!

Government rebates may be available

Going solar reduces long-term costs and does your part for the environment. It’s a win-win. Speak to our expert team today on (07) 4725 5621 to book a service.

We also provide electrical and HVAC services.